“If people who failed were to give seminars, it would be helpful. You could see how people mess up and you wouldn’t do what they did.”

–Jim Rohn

You know what they say,‘Those who can do, and those who can’t teach’ well this definitely doesn’t apply to me because I am really good at failure.

After my last business attempt failed completely,  I got really curious about what causes business failures. I spent a ton of time reading every magazine article and book with failure in the title.  Then reading all of the resources they used to write those books and articles.  After I had spent a lot of time trying to figure out where I had gone wrong with my own businesses,  I decided to start the Flourish With Failure Podcast so I could talk to others about their failures.

And then that idea failed.  

I fell into one of the many traps that lead business ideas to fail, confirmation bias.   I found all sorts of reasons why I should start a podcast but I never asked “why I shouldn’t” start a podcast.  This wasn’t a true failure because I would never have know everything I now know about business failure if I hadn’t started the show.  

What you will find on this site now is a mix of interviews and blog posts to help you understand why so many small businesses fail and what can be done to fix that.  

My mission is to help people learn how to run a business when success is never assured and failure can strike at any time. (the lessons I wish I had known when I started my first business.)

“There are many more ways to fail than to succeed.  Success, by definition, should be very limited.  Failure is the default. Success requires an unusual, but possible, confluence of events in which entropy is temporarily reversed.”

Stuart Firestein